Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Best Frankens EVER!!

I posted two of the four frankens I am about to show you before. But I didn't get good pictures like this!
There is no need to bore you with words... just look at the pictures!!!

From right to left: Mint Chocolate Chip (this little bottle is for my friend Laurie!), PUSH it!, All Smiles, and gLORIous Jewell Marine.

The following pictures have the polishes in this order;
Index finger: Mint Chocolate Chip
Middle Finger: gLORIous Jewell marine
Ring Finger: All Smiles
Pinky Finger: PUSH it!

One coat of each in artificial light.
One coat in natural light.

Two coats in artificial light.

Two coats in natural light.

AND three coats in artificial light.

Three coats in Natural Light.

Which one is your favorite? I can't decide. I really like PUSH it! because of the green flakies!

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