Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nail Polish Storage!

So I designed both racks that my nail polish sits on and my brother in law made them for me. I have another wall rack on the other side of my makeup vanity and it holds my Wonder Woman collection and some other bits and pieces. I am sure I will need more storage for my polishes soon. As you can see I am already running out of room. I would put them in a drawer but I hate not being able to see every color I have. So this is what I do and it works for now.

Below is a Picture of the entire area where I keep my Polish. As you can see I use a black wooden shelf to set my large rack on. I use the shelf to store small drawers and containers with tools, nail wheels, stamps and plates, etc. I will probably end up using that second shelf as more polish storage lol

This is a closer picture of my large polish rack. I have things pretty much split up by brand but it gets mixed up a lot and I move things around a lot. I am SO OCD about nail polish and makeup and am forever changing things and organizing.

And here is a closer picture of my wall rack. I have OPI and China Glaze on this rack. I think eventually I might put some shadow box shelves above this and place my special polishes on it.

Sorry about the picture quality. My Droid usually takes great pictures but I think the way the light was shining into the window made it look fuzzy.

How do YOU store your polish? Provide me with links to pictures and blog posts so I can see!

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