Saturday, July 30, 2011

Phoenix's Frankens!

My daughter wanted to make some frankens tonight. We decided we would try to make a red one and name it Phoenix after her. The first try we had some issues and some of the glitter we bought and used seems to have melted into the polish and turned the color from red to a dark purple. I actually quite like it though! We dubbed it Purple People Eater. 

The successful making of Phoenix turned out to be a pretty red (somewhat magenta) with lots of pretty glitter. 
Phoenix working on the first try of "Phoenix" now "Purple People Eater".
BTW she has this thing about giving me a sweet smile. She always gives me a crazy look when taking pictures lol
The finished polishes.

Purple People Eater (messy swatches and on my nails)

Phoenix (on Phoenix's nails)