Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chelsea goes on vacation!

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you know that I will be on vacation ALL week. I have been working on random posts to post throughout the week though. I will still be around to answer emails etc but it might take me more then a few hours to get back to you. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

On a more personal note, there was recently a horrible tragedy here in Indiana and we lost several people. The stage at our Indianapolis State Fair collapsed and killed 5 people and 10 others are still in the hospital in critical condition. I personally am mourning the loss of a Chicago native and activist in the homosexual community but no ones life is more important than anothers. So if you all could pray and send good thoughts this way I am sure all the familes and friends will be very appreciative. Thank you!


  1. Have a nice vacation. And yes, have heard about the 5 killed at the St. Fair there. We said group prayers for all affected by this at church today.

  2. Have fun on vacation!! And since I read of it in the group last night I have been sending positive thoughts <3