Thursday, August 11, 2011

Color Club Gossip Column + Breakfast recipe

I bought this polish recently from a friend on facebook. I bought it for $1.50! I really like Color Club polishes and own several. I think they are really stepping up their game here recently too. 
This color is amazing. I love blue polish and this is definitely one of my favorites. It is a great deep shade of blue and is a simple cream. The formula is easy to work with and you only need one good coat. I used two coats but that is how I usually wear polish.
Enough talk, onto the pictures!

And then a star Mani I did for a weekly challenge on facebook!
I used Kleancolor Silver Star and Savina Fairy Dust.

Ok so I not only have an obsession with polish but I also LOVE food. And I LOVE cooking. Not all my recipes are hardcore chef recipes though. The kids and I like to experiment with everyday foods just to have something new. I wanted to share with you what we did this morning for breakfast because it was GOOD.
The kids had a fried egg and a waffle covered in Nutella and syrup.
For the fried egg we just melted a little butter in a small frying pan, added a pinch of salt and cracked that baby open. No one in my house is a fan of runny eggs so we break the yolk and cook it.
For their waffles we made some Ego thick and fluffy waffles and added a tablespoon of Nutella over top. Then we cut the waffles into chunks and added a little bit of syrup. If you have not had Nutella you need to go to the store RIGHT NOW and get some. Red Robin YUUMMM!

For my breakfast I also made a waffle and a fried egg. Except what I did was add a piece of cheese on top of my waffle and then sat the fried egg on top. Then I added a small amount of syrup AROUND (not on top of) the waffle. That way I got the perfect mix of salty and sweet. I am the kind of girl who eats chocolate covered pretzels and dips her french fries in chocolate shakes. Salty and sweet is my thing lol

So there, quick and easy and super yummy.
Oh and we also had apple slices. We didn't do anything special with those because we just love plain apples! Eat your fruits and veggies!


  1. Oooh that blue is pretty! It reminds me of Zoya "Breezi", and I love your stars!!

    I LOVE Nutella! I only tried it for the first time this year (can you believe it?!). My kids call it the "chocolate peanut butter" ;-)

  2. i must get this color!!! it's so pretty!

  3. I am waiting for the 2 CC teal/blues for their Ovarian Cancer Awareness. Those caught my eye shade wise and nothing in that range will do until I get my hands on those...but since no one sells CC in my area -I am going to need to do some major looking for a good e-tailer.