Friday, August 12, 2011

Confetti Smitten & Studio M Covered in Diamonds

I recently bought three Confetti polishes from CVS. These are my first Confetti polishes and Smitten was one of the polishes I bought. If I remember correctly the polishes were around $3 each. I bought an orange, a green, and this dark sparkly purple. 
This polish is very dark. I usually do not wear many dark colors especially not in spring/summer. But it is very pretty and has a lot of depth. The polish itself is a very dark deep shade of purple but what you can't see well in the pictures is the amazing purple, blue, and pink sparkles. I am thinking I might make a franken with this polish and add some more purple, blue, and pink sparkles and then some spectra flair for a little bit of holo goodness.
Anyways, here are a couple pictures with two coats of Confetti Smitten.
I tried to get good pictures but this polish is very hard to photograph. 

I would compare the Confetti polishes to the Revlon brand polishes. They dry fairly fast and you get good coverage with two coats. I say they are pretty good for the cost. There are a decent amount of colors and a couple of them really stood out to me including this one.

Next, this is a flakie polish I found at Meijer yesterday. I have owned Studio M polishes before, in fact I have 2 glitter polishes by Studio M (which BTW is Meijer's brand). It isn't my favorite brand by any means but they have some very interesting polishes. I find them to stay tacky a lot longer than other brands. Anyways, I took pictures with one, two, and three coats of Studio M Covered In Diamonds on top of Confetti Smitten.
One Coat

Two Coats

Three Coats

Pretty cool isn't it? I seen it and fell in love. Unfortunately there was only one bottle of it there when I was. But I am going back and getting another bottle for myself (frankening!) and a bottle to give away on here! 
Have you ever seen/used this polish before?


  1. Not heard of Confetti polishes but then I don't have a CVS for about 65 miles from home one way - lets just say with gas what it is, I don't cruse CVS to look and it's the opposite direction from Wal-Mart which I have to get to to save some $. Pretty colors - like the flaky overlay.

  2. I love Smitten. If you get a chance to pick up Confetti Happy Birthday, thats beautiful too (similar to Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl though, but I have both because I can't resist a purple) Those flakies are beautiful- makes it look like an opal!

  3. Thank you for letting me know. I will definitely look into that Confetti color!

  4. Pure flaky awesomeness!! I love the effect!

  5. I just put Diamonds on! I love it! I have it over Open Seas by Sinful and it just looks amazing! They had some really pretty glitters I might go back for after this positive experience :D