Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Epic Nail Mail!

I did a swap/sale with a couple of girls recently. Both are from other countries. One from Canada and the other from Cyprus! So I was incredibly excited to be getting polishes that are not as easily obtained here in the US. 

I also received an awesome glitter from Anna (Cyprus) and a ton of awesome extras from Rachael (Canada)!
 From Anna I received a bottle of GOSH Holographic (looks like China Glaze OMG) and a bottle of gorgeous sparkles for frankening!
From Rachael I received a bottle of Joe Fresh Twilight (OMG FLAKIIIIEEES!!!!), 2 mini Kleancolor polishes, a dark green art nail polish (I needed one so bad, how did she know?!), 2 cute as hell nail files, a pair of tweezers, an awesome nail clipper that I will be putting on my key ring, hand sanitizer, 3 sets of nail stickers (My daughter just about died when she seen these), a cute sleeping mask (I lost my other one and needed one of these too! She is a mind reader), and two different polish remover tools. One is the filled q-tips and the other is some kleancolor pads! So definitely an epic nail mail day!
(I did receive Anna's Yesterday as you can see in that post cause I used the GOSH)

So again, THANK YOU BOTH! I am so excited to use all this.
I have a review of the Kleancolor Polish remover pads Rachael sent me coming up!

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