Monday, August 15, 2011

Fing'rs Polishes from Ebay

I was recently chatting it up with some women on the MakeupAlley nail care board and came across a picture someone posted of a Essie Starry Starry Night dupe. It was just gorgeous so I asked where she got it and she directed me to an ebay seller who was selling a brand called Fing'rs. The polishes come in little bear shaped bottles. I got mine in the mail this past week and tested them right away. I got the dark blue glitter (the supposed SSN dupe) and light blue glitter. 
This is the picture I originally seen that made me buy the polish. I don't think it looks the same on me.

Isn't it gorgeous?! Now here are some pictures of the polish I got.

Of course her picture is much better than mine. The polish isn't bad though. I have the dark blue glitter on all my fingers except my ring finger that I usually use as an accent nail. I put the light blue glitter on that finger. You need at least 3 coats with this polish.

If you are interested in checking these polishes out the ebay buyer i bought them from is jtsastar843s


  1. I've seen these on ebay before!! They look really pretty, and the bottle are realy cute!

  2. Berry pretty ;) haha these are super cute bottles!

  3. It does not look like SSN by Essie at all. The seller is in a town about 3 hrs away from me. I wonder about some of these home made polishes being marketed due to unknown chemicals in them. I think I could Franken this myself, but agree the bottles are cute.

  4. Fing'rs is a wellknown brand here in Belgium. Although, I'v never saw these bottles before! They are very cute and I like the color!

  5. i have one of these from childhood!! awesome!! and i think it does look like SSN. :)