Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Franken Alert - Grape Bijou

Yes yes, another franken. I made this one last night with Chelsea Sings the Blues
This one is called Grape Bijou. I made it with China Glaze Grape Crush, Clear top coat, OPI Blue Moon Lagoon, Spectra Flair Pigment, and a Sally Girl blue and purple micro glitter polish.

So it is a medium/light purple holographic polish with a tiny amount of multi-colored glitter (you can't really see it even in RL but I know it is there from the Grape Crush), and blue and purple micro glitter. 

What do you think?
It reminds me of China Glaze IDK and 2nite.


  1. Wow! What a beautiful colour- I'm dying to have a go at a Franken but I'm a bit scared and not really sure what to do - do you have any tutorials on doing them?

  2. Hey Alice. Thank you so much! The picture doesn't do it justice IMO. It has a ton of little purple and blue glitters that really give it a wow factor! I do not have any tutorials on making franken but I am planning on doing a blog post on creating a green franken here shortly. I am going to try to post some recipes for some of my franken as well.
    I think you should just go for it! When I am practicing I use the cheapest polish I can find. Like NYC (New York Color) and stuff like that. And sometimes I can even find good practice polish at places like Goodwill!