Friday, August 19, 2011

OPI Absolutely Alice!

I found Absolutely Alice recently at a nail salon in the big city. It is over half full so it was definitely a score. I love any blue polish and I adore glitter. This, like so many heavy glitters, needs a lot of thinning after sitting for a while. I had to put in 6 good drops of thinner for this to go on smooth enough to wear. I used two coats of this and I painted my middle finger nail with OPI Gold Digger's Delight to see if it would bring the gold flecks in AA out a little. It didn't work. AA covered my nails completely with glitter. 
Of course this was a PITA to get off!


  1. I got swept up in the hype over this collection and have 3 bottles of Hattar and Alice. I swatched one of each one drop and knew I would never wear them due to I only keep a glitter on 1 day and I am really boarded with it - not to mention the getting it off thing. I should sell them. Thanks for reminding me - there are lots of folks who would love to have mine - the 2 never opened that is.

  2. Would you believe that owned Absolutely Alice & Mad As A Hatter and GAVE THEM AWAY?!? This was before my obsession had fully kicked in. My coworker liked them so much and she was leaving her job and we were good friends so I gave them to her as a gift. UGH! I hope she is enjoying them :) Yay for finding a bottle !!! That is so exciting!

  3. so pretty! i just ordered this from a fellow blogger. So excited!