Thursday, August 4, 2011

Orange you glad I chose this mani?

I decided that I wanted to paint my nails orange. I hardly ever use orange nail polish and that is a shame because I own 5 really pretty ones. 5 isn't a lot but I don't use them enough to have a ton of them.
I put each one of these polishes on and asked some friends of mine to choose my mani. I got a lot of ideas and I am really happy with the mani I came up with!
From left to right: Confetti Conga Line, Kleancolor Orange Holo, Sally Hansen Three D, China Glaze Breakin, and Sally Hansen Crushed.
Thumb: Confetti Congo Line
Index: Kleancolor Orange Holo
Middle: Sally Hansen Three D
Ring: China Glaze Breakin'
Pinkie: Sally Hansen Crush

I decided to go with a base of China Glaze Breakin' and sponge on some of the Kleancolor Orange Holo.

I love both of these polishes. The China Glaze goes on smoothly and I got great coverage with one coat but I did 2 coats just to get any streaks I might have made (I am not the best painter lol). The Kleancolor is so gorgeous in natural and LED light too. Beautiful Orange and Holo sparkles!  This makes me want a Sunkist and my husband says it reminds him of creme savers!


  1. I love kleancolors and the gold and the Orange go perfect together. I yamm glad that you chose this mani. <3

  2. pretty! love that kleancolor!

  3. This is soooo pretty! At first I thought your mani was the first pic with all of the different colors & even that looks good, like a skittle! Love these colors! :)