Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Orly Pixy Stix

I have had this polish since it came out in the Sweet Spring collection in 2010. I really really like it! It is such a sweet color. I mean sweet as in it gives me a toothache! It compliments my skin tone well and the formula is great! It is a beautiful spring/summer color and right now it is my favorite pink. The polish color can be defined as a Guava Pink.

This is two coats.

What do you think?
I remember being so excited about this collection. It was one of the best of the season! I wish I had more of them. I bought 3 of them and 2 are missing? I still have my gumdrop mini lipgloss though lol


  1. This is a very very pretty pink. Definitely one that I would wear, and I'm not really a pink person :)

  2. This is really pretty. Love it!

  3. I was gonna say that color looks GREAT on you! It is a perfect compliment to your skin tone. That's definitely a keeper!

  4. Really a great shade. Not too pink, not too coral - rather Goldilocks right! Wish I had been looking into Orly back then. I sort of ignored everything at Sally's because we did not have one for 250 miles. Now suddenly we have 3 in about a 75 mile radius.