Friday, August 12, 2011

Pixel Oh Wow!

I seen these in last months ULTA catalog and I immediately asked some girls on a facebook group if they had ever tried them. I didn't get very positive feedback on these little polishes. I was told the ones that they had tried were very sheer, not the best colors, and the bottles were so small for the price! So I decided not to get any but even though I wasn't planning on getting any I looked anyways and my ULTA didn't even have them yet! So it has been about a month and I stopped by there again today. I found the display and was kind of amazed at how many colors they had. The bottles were very small though. I don't think I will buy many more of these IF any at all because of the size of the bottle. Now if they came out with a limited edition collection I might get one or two but I think I got the two I liked the best from the display as it is now.

The ones I got today were Oh Wow! and Oh Wee! Both of these have multi-colored glitter in them. They are very pretty. Oh Wow! is a very pretty light purple. It is very shiny and a bit shimmery. Oh Wee! is more of a berry color and is also quite shiny and shimmery.

I had to put 3 coats on to get a result I cared for. I think these would work really well as a top coat to darken or add shine/glitter to another polish.

I blurred this slightly so you could see the pretty glitter. I could not for the life of me get a good picture of this. The pictures of it on my nails don't even do it justice.


  1. or ass shine? haha that made me giggle! but seriously this is really pretty!

  2. i saw this color and wanted to get it, but it is so incredibly small :{

  3. So that's where folks are getting Pixie! I never get a catalog but on line and tend not to look at it. I want to see things in person when possible or have a high recommendation from someone about something new before I will order it on line. Maybe some day I will put foot in an ULTA store - the closest one to me is about 450 miles! Love life in the boonies!

  4. i was just looking at this rack at ulta yesterday!

  5. ooooh! I think it would be gorgeous over purple! I like it a lot!