Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review: Kleancolor Wizard Pads

You can see in my latest post that I received these from a swap/sale I had recently with a lovely lady in Canada. As soon as I got these I wanted to use them. I am always looking for a better way to remove my polish and I am partial to pads with cuticle oil and this is just what these are!

I was excited to see that there were 32 pads in the very small container and that it was vanilla scented. I like having small containers because some of my hand bags are quite small and I need to be able to fit things like this in there. Yes, I NEED remover pads on me. You never know what will happen! 
Of course when you see a small container like this you have to know that the pads must be paper thin and they most definitely are. I tried to get a picture of the pads to show you how thin they are but alas my camera is being poopy today. But mark my word, they are very thin. 
You can get great results from thin pads but a lot of the time you just get a mess. They tear and fall apart easily. I am happy to report that this WAS NOT the case with the Kleancolor Wizard Pads!
Not only did these bad boys not rip AT ALL but they took ALL my polish off with no trouble. And the mani I was removing was my "Firework Splatter Mani" so that was a lot of polish!
On one hand (the hand with all the splatter) I used 2 pads to completely remove the polish. On the other hand, which only had 2 coats of China Glaze FYI I only used one pad and had room on it to take more polish off if needed. So I think If I had a normal 2 coat mani on each hand it would only take ONE pad to remove it all. How glorious is that?!
These pads smell delicious too! It says Vanilla but to me it smelled more like Lemon & Vanilla. An amazing smell none the less. And the oils were so nice. The skin around my nails feels soft and moisturized. I am very very happy with these pads and would like to get some more ASAP!

So if you want to skip past all my babbling the fact is... YOU NEED THESE IN YOUR LIFE!
If anyone can get me more of these I would be up for a swap or would love to buy them. Thanks!


  1. hmmmm i have the la color strawberry ones i love em

  2. I have never tried the LA color ones I do not think. Maybe a long time ago. I will look into those. Thanks!

  3. I feel the same way, I NEED those in my bags so I can remove polish whenever it chips! I hate walking around with chipped polish :(