Saturday, August 6, 2011

Water Marbling with Chelsea

You will never hear me say (read me say?) that I am master of water marbling. Unless it is sarcastically lol I do however LOVE doing it. It is one of my favorite things to do with my nails but I never have the time to do it and when I start it I usually have to rush through. Tonight I did some water marbling on my daughter's nails and decided I would do it on my nails as well and all of my night time chores can wait til tomorrow! I don't have pictures of my daughters nails right now because the poor girl fell asleep almost right after I was done. But here are some pictures of mine!

I had OPI Stranger Tides on my nails as a base. 
Colors used in the marble: Color Club Chelsea Girl & Worth The Risque, China Glaze Coconut Kiss, Essence You Belong To Me, and LA Colors BCC 580.

Not the most gorgeous water marble but I really love the colors. And the Holo in CC Worth the Risque is very apparent. These were really easy to clean up too. 
Thanks for checking them out!


  1. Marbling is SO hard but I love it! I love this colors together! Looks beautiful!

  2. Nice! Great colour combo.....marbling is very hard

  3. Nice job! I really like the swirl on your left thumb! I also love doing water marbling, even if it takes up a lot of polish!

  4. Very pretty, I love the colors you used.

  5. OMG, this came out great! I just tried water marbling myself last week for the first time and let's just say I had....interesting results :) I have to practice!