Saturday, September 17, 2011

1st Halloween Mani of the year!

I am just getting into the whole spirit of Halloween already so I decided to do a fun and simple manicure using 4 different festive colors. 
I started with China Glaze Breakin' as a base and applied 2 coats (on top of Orly Bonder). Then using Swisspers Cosmetic wedges I did some sponging with a purple polish, OPI Grape Set Match, and a green polish, Kleancolor Metallic Green. Then for my tips I sponged on a little bit of Wet n Wild Black Creme. My husband said it looks really nice and interesting. But I think it looks frikin cool lol

This was after two coats of China Glaze Breakin'

And these are some after pictures. A lot of them lol

And I feel the need to plug Swisspers here. The Cosmetic wedges really came in handy today for my sponging. I cut one sponge up into 8 pieces, used 3 pieces, and it worked wonderfully. I also found out that these shaped cotton applicators work amazingly well when it comes to clean up! I had a lot of mess around my fingers from the sponging and these were pointed enough to get down into the crease by my nail and clean the mess right up!


  1. That's cute! It makes me think of candy corn!

  2. Very cute! Those tips look awesome for clean up!

  3. Super cute!!! I love Halloween!!!! Where did you find those cotton applicators????