Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Borghese Mediterraneo Sea

I am so blown away by this polish. I have never really like Borghese polishes but I seen this one on clearance at ULTA and fell in love instantly. It is such a gorgeous deep blue and has the perfect amount of multi-colored glitter. I mostly see green and blue glitter but there are trace amounts of purple, orange, and yellow glitter. It dries matte as you can see from my pictures which makes me love it even more! I love matte polishes and definitely have a thing for matte with glitter. The formula is really good. It is thick without being gloopy. As long as you have a steady hand you can get full coverage with one layer. I have fairly steady hands but I did 2 layers to make up for the couple of fumbles I had. I also did not put a top coat on. I don't wear polish more than a day or two usually so i don't bother with top coats unless I feel they are going to do something for the polish I am wearing.

So this is two layers of Borghese Mediterraneo Sea over Orly Bonder.
Pictures taken before clean up and PLEASE excuse my cuticles and skin. I have been working really hard this last week and my hands have become extremely dry. I plan on giving them some major TLC in the next couple of days.


  1. Very pretty! I always get mad at the price of Borghese (who do they think they are?) But if I found one on clearance I would pounce. I recently saw a 2 pack of them at Ross...for around $7...hmmm maybe I should go back!?

  2. This is soooo pretty.. I eye this every time I see it in blog sales or anything!!

  3. very pretty, pretty and polished lady!! hehehe