Thursday, September 15, 2011

China Glaze Grape Crush!

China Glaze Grape Crush. A gorgeous dark purple polish with tons of holographic micro glitter. This polish is amazing! I love love love it! 
A lot of people think this polish came out with the Urban Chic collection but it actually was released with the Platinum Series collection. The Platinum Series collection had 29 polishes in all, 11 new and the rest were a mix of polishes from the Samba collection and the Pure Platinum collection. Both of those collections had polishes from the Urban Chic collection but Grape Crush was not one of them. It was only released in the Platinum Series. 
This polish has become a HTF polish over the years and is coveted by many polish junkies. I can totally see why this is such a lemming for so many people. It is just amazing! It is a fantastic color for any season but I prefer to wear darker shades in Fall and Winter. 
Though my bottle of Grape Crush is old it has maintained its formula well. No color changes, just a little bit of thickness. I have only had to add 2 drops of thinner to this polish and it works like a charm. 

So enough of me rambling... here are some pictures!
I took all pictures with my husbands phone since my new phone takes worse pictures than my old phone :: head slap ::
One coat of Orly Bonder and 2 layers of China Glaze Grape Crush.