Monday, September 19, 2011

Petites Black Diamond

I painted my right hand with this the other night and Color Club Revvvolution (as you can see here) on my left hand. The plan was to do a post about the similarities of the two polishes but I decided that they were different enough to put in two separate posts. Really the only similarity besides a touch of holo is that they are both a charcoal color. And Petites Black Diamond is closer to black than CC is. I have also decided that I like Petites Black Diamond more than the CC Revvvolution. It is darker, has a lot more luster and shine, and has gorgeous holo glitter. It really is a beautiful polish. And I really didn't expect to like it this much. I am very glad I got this. I found it in a flea market in Kentucky while I was on vacation. Now I believe it is a great find!

These pictures do not do it justice IMO.
No sunlight here for a few days so all my pics have been lacking. I have had to use my LED desk lamp :(

And here are the bottles next to each other. 

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