Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Special Glee Mani and Cuppy Cakes!

This might be completely lame to some people but I LOVE Glee! I was always really big into song and dance and spent most of my life in show choir/choir or doing something in the performing arts. This show brings it back to me. I also love the show because of the message of not being afraid to be yourself. The homophobia they portray in Glee is very real and can be quite dangerous. If you know someone who is being bullied please step up and do the right thing and get help for that person.

Now onto the mani and the treats!
On a facebook group we have a 31 day challenge going on. I sometimes do the challenges and today's challenge was water marble. So I did a water marble inspired by Glee!
I used China Glaze Tree Hugger, a red polish by The Color Workshop, Sinful Colors Savage, and Wet n Wild Black Creme. For the yellow letters I used Kiss Nail Art polish in yellow. 

And yes, I know I am HORRIBLE at free-handing letters lol

And because my husband supports all my endeavors with Human Rights campaigns and watches Glee with me I made his favorite cupcakes. Strawberry cake with vanilla frosting!


  1. I LOOOVE THE CUPCAKES !!! :D and honestly the nails are pretty goood , when I attempted the "water marble" OMGOSH ! it looked like I had been finger painting just so can get an idea lool

  2. love the mani and the cupcakes :) i wish i could watch the season premiere but i missed most of last season that i dont want to see it before im all caught up!