Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why I LOVE Swisspers!

Hey everyone! So some of you know that I at one point wrote another blog all about cosmetics (yes, a little about polish). And at one point I gave Swisspers products an amazing review. I was honest in my opinion then and will continue to be as I review some new Swisspers products for you. I was recently contacted by a representative of this company and was asked if I would like to receive and review more of their products. Now seeing that I already love this brand I of course said yes! So I am going to start this process by sharing with you guys what I wrote before about these products. Then as I use the products I have received over the next couple of weeks I will review each product one by one for you here giving you my honest opinion about each item. I am really excited about this and hope you all enjoy what I have to say and what this company has to offer. I feel very blessed to have this opportunity and am very happy with the package I received. I will show you a picture of the lovely package and then my old post from my days at "That Darn Addiction". 

And now my old post from That Darn Addiction:

Comparison: Cotton Rounds

So I am a stickler for trying different brands to get just the right color, formula, lasting power, you name it. I also like trying different brands of miscellaneous beauty tools. This post is about Cotton Rounds. I use these so much! I have tried brands from Walgreens, CVS, Wal Mart, and Target. They are all different. And only one brand has deserved its place in my cotton tub. The brand I LOVE is from Wal Mart. It is Swisspers Cotton Rounds. These are great. Compared to the other ones I have tried these last the longest and feel the best on my skin. After I got these I only tried one other brand and that brand was from Target. I got them because I was there and knew I was getting low on my Swisspers. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try another brand. Well, it didn't really hurt me but they didn't work either. These were actually the worst I have tried. So today's comparison is between Target's Up&Up cotton rounds and Wal Mart Swisspers cotton rounds.
I use my cotton rounds mainly to remove nail polish and eye makeup and apply toner. Here are a couple pictures of the rounds out of the packaging.
Already you can see the difference in these two. The Up&Up cotton round has fly aways and just isn't very tidy. The swisspers look nice and consistent.
This is the cotton rounds after removing eye makeup. As you can see there is much more product on the Swisspers cotton round than on the Up&Up cotton round. The Up&Up cotton round wasn't rough but it sucked up my eye makeup remover fluid like a sponge and then did not remove very much product from my eye. It started falling apart on me too! The Swisspers cotton round cleaned all the makeup off my eye, was soft, and stayed together. After taking this picture I even used it to remove the remainder of the makeup on my other eye.  So Swisspers is the obvious winner. I loved these cotton rounds so much that I purchased some more of their products.
The "sponge" pictured at the top is a exfoliating cleansing sponge. I used this in the shower on my body and it's great. It leaves my skin feeling really soft and clean. On the far left you see the cotton rounds I love so much. The item in the middle is a cotton facial cleansing pad. It is basically a large version of the cotton rounds but has a bit of a different texture on one side for exfoliating. The item on the far right is a small exfoliating cotton round. So the bottom three are the same but with different textures. I wanted to try all of them. Maybe I will find one that works best for nail polish removal and the others will be better for toner and eye makeup removal? We shall see and I will surely let you know!


  1. I love love love Swisspers! I used to use their little cotton rounds for removing nail polish, then mum bought me some of their "Cotton Wool Square Pads" and they were so much better. Unfortunately on my student budget I can't afford these regularly :( I also swear by their facial cleanser wipes and their eye make-up remover pads. I don't know if you get them where you are but here in New Zealand we get scented facial wipes, they smell like pomegranate or mango... so good!

  2. I have not had the pleasure of using those wipes yet. I am not sure if they offer those here in the US or not but it is something I plan on looking into asap! They sound amazing!

  3. it's about time someone posted about these! the dirty side of a polish addiction. haha... i have tried up and up, and i'm currently using the walmart brand. they are even worse! will def get some swisspers from amazon.

  4. I have been getting a lot of positive feedback about this brand. I think once I have done some reviews I might buy some of my favorite products and hold a giveaway! Everyone needs to "Remove it right with Swisspers"! lol