Friday, September 16, 2011

Winner of my Green Holo Franken contest!!

Thank you all so so much for your suggestions and comments! I seen a lot of GREAT names but unfortunately I can only choose ONE for this Green Holo. But don't worry, I will be making plenty more polishes and you will have a lot more opportunities to win polishes. 

And now, the winner is:
Martian Salad!!
Thank you Anissa for the fantastic name! Very clever my dear!

So Anissa has won a mini bottle of "Martian Salad". 

But do not fret. I have more giveaways coming SOON just in time for Halloween! It will be my HalloWicked Giveaway event!



  1. i am honored!! thanks so much - can't wait to wear a martian salad mani! teehee

    will def. be watching for the hallowicked giveaway - sounds like my kind of deal! :)

  2. Perfect name for it. :) It looks so nice.