Thursday, September 15, 2011

Would you like to make your own Holo polishes?

I bought a pigment called Spectra-Flair from a woman in one of my polish forums. She bought a huge amount and is selling it by the gram for a great price. You all have seen some of the polishes I have created with this pigment and I wanted to share a post with you so you can see some other ladies Holo Frankens and give you a chance to order some Spectra-Flair yourself if you are interested. You can check out Traci's post HERE for more information on that. And just for a little refresher here are some polishes I have created using this amazing pigment.

Oh and here is a chance to WIN a small bottle of my new green holo polish (seen in first picture). I need some help naming it. So, leave a comment with a suggestion and when I see one that I really like I will choose it and you will win a small bottle of that polish. Good luck and thank you all in advance!


  1. Awesome! I really need to save up and get me some sf!! I think you should name your franken "Hidden Oasis" =D

  2. Let Go Of Me Lucky Charms! :)
    Gorgeous color!
    Kara Lough

  3. you should name it.. "Sea foam fum"

    Idk lol coz its like a sea foam green color :P

  4. Tidal Wave
    Shimmering Whirlpool

    It's gorgeous!

  5. "martian salad" (a takeoff of the names of the polishes that you used to create it)

  6. Sea Foam
    A Mermaids Tale
    Green Goblin
    Gold Diggin' <--- if you know what i mean hehehe
    Fairy Boogers (trying to go with some halloween names since its around the time you created it :))
    (The) Envied Fairy

  7. "green shivers"


    LOL i dont know where im getting these from but i like it! :)

    mily gomez.

  8. Thank you ALL for the fantastic suggestions.

    This giveaway is now closed. But please stay tuned for my HalloWicked Giveaway event!