Saturday, September 24, 2011

Zoya Phoebe and Essence Holografics (Holographics)

I went to Ulta yesterday for the purpose of seeing new collections and getting a new Matte Top Coat. My Ulta is always late in getting new collections so there really wasn't anything to look at except the China Glaze Metro Collection which wasn't even on the floor yet, just at the counter getting ready to put out. They still have a ton of Orly Cosmic FX polishes though. Anyways, they didn't have ANY matte top coats so I ended up getting 4 other polishes... 

This is what I got: Zoya Phoebe and 3 Essence Holografics polishes. I got Gagalectric, Prism@tic White, and Blue Ray. Unfortunately I don't see much of a difference between Gagalectric and Prism@tic White. The Gagalectric has a purple tint to it but for layering purposes I tried both over 3 different colors and they looked the same. I don't like seeing a nail line and both of those polishes leave a nail line showing even after 3 coats. So, I feel like having both of them is unnecessary. I am going to show you a mani I did lastnight with Zoya Phoebe and Essence Gagalectric.
I LOVE Phoebe! It is such a gorgeous shade of blue and I LOVE matte polishes. This matte polish is at the top of my list because it is so smooth and has a beautiful blue and violet shimmer to it yet remains matte! You have to work with it quickly because it dries very fast. I added some Gagalectric to my tips to make it more exciting!

Prism@tic White, Gagalectric, Blue Ray, and Zoya Phoebe. Phoebe had a $3.99 sticker on it but they rung me up for $8 and I didn't notice til I got home :(


  1. pretty! i love how the shiny tips contrast with the blue!

  2. Very pretty! I would FOR SURE go back about the $3.99 sticker! They can't charge you a different price than it is marked!