Tuesday, October 25, 2011

China Glaze Tickle My Triangle!

I love this polish. It is a gorgeous pink with amazing holo goodness! It is one of my favorites from the Kaleidoscope Collection. How About A Tumble is the lighter pink polish from this collection and it is my favorite. Tickle My Triangle is a brighter and darker pink. Both are scattered Holos.

Did you catch my little glitter herpes on my ring finger?
I didn't see it until after I took these pictures!


  1. "glitter herpes " hahhahaa ive never heard it described like that! LOL i like it! .. and the polish too its so pretty! & im not even a pink person. hahha

  2. Love this one but then fuchsia is MY fav shade for polish - used to be reds and I still adore my reds - but I cannot get enough fuchisas. I was not watching CG when these puppies came out. I was only at the time watching OPI due to my growing polish stash size and also side tracked by serious health issues. So now I need to decide which if any of the K and other 'seriously collectable' CG polishes I really want/need. Thanks for showing us this one.