Saturday, October 22, 2011

Emilee's Polish: Labor Of Love

This is my newest franken. I made it for my soon to be sister-in-law, Emilee. She is
awesome and I love her! She likes really dark vampy colors. Her favorite polish is 
Lincoln Park After Dark. So I decided to make her a polish. This is a blackened blue 
with blue to green color changing pigment. I love the way it came out. 
I named it Labor Of Love because her name means rival, laborious, eager. So I took
labor from that and love because I made it out of love.  Corny? Maybe :)

This is what it looks like with the green sparkle. Beautiful, no?

The blue was a bit harder to pick up. In this picture you 
can see the blue of the polish and the blue sparkle. 

Here you can see a mix of blue and green.

And here I added a little nail art to make it happy!


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  2. I wish my sister-in-laws were that nice :)Beautiful color

    I just started a blog-have no IDEA what to do next? Any pointers?