Thursday, October 20, 2011

Go Purple in support of Spirit Day and our LGBT youth!

Hello lovelies. Again, I am so sorry for spotty posts this month, this new job is kicking 
my toosh. Anyways, today is "Spirit Day". This was started in 2010 in remembrance 
of all the young people who have taken their own lives because of bullying about their 
sexual orientation. I do not expect you all to support this day, but it is something that
is very important to me. My little brother is gay and I am so lucky that he is still in my life. People can be cruel and I seen it first hand. I am very active in human rights especially 
those directly involved with the LGBT community. So this post is for them. 
For more info on Spirit Day please visit the glaad website.

A personal message from me: Hang in there. You might not have a lot of support where you are right now but it DOES GET BETTER. There is a whole world outside of that city you live in. There are so many of us out here waiting to show you that you can be loved too. Don't give up, please. It breaks my heart that so many people think they are alone. You will find happiness <3

I started the day thinking I would use 10 different colors of purple to show that there are a wide array of colors just like there are a wide array of people. But then I decided to go with one of my all time favorite purples. This is a franken called Rebecca Likes Cupcakes made by a beautiful blogger at Rebecca Likes Nails. It is a gorgeous shade of light purple and has multicolored hex glitter in it. The glitter to me represents all the different kinds of people all living in the same world. They are different colors and sizes but they all work perfectly together to make this polish beautiful.


  1. So pretty! I am glad you did this too. I love the mani and the cause.

  2. Thanks Ace! This polish is just so pretty! Rebecca did an amazing job with it!

  3. Cupcakes!

    I wore my bright purple turtleneck today, although I don't think I laid eyes on anyone under 30. =^_^=

  4. OMG! Thanks for posting this! I love that it is one of your favorites <3