Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 15 GOSH Holographic

This is an amazing holographic polish. It is even more holo than China Glaze OMG! I found some gems in a drawer and decided to decorate my mani with them. I started off with just the gems and then added some designs around them to look like flowers. It was really hard to work with because I didn't use a holo friendly base coat like Nfu-Oh Aqua Base. If you want to keep the Holo on this polish (or any I suppose) don't use Gelous top coat. It dulled this polish a lot. 

Look at the difference between the first picture and the other ones. It dulled A LOT more than I thought it would. I was not happy.


  1. Geeez the dulling effect is seriously saddening :< Have you tried sandwiching your top coat with the holo? that way you could have a final coat of the holo on the very top + the long-lasting-ness of your top coat? :D
    That holo is really amazing though. Definitely on my wishlist!!! :D

  2. Oh, that is gorgeous! Too bad it dulled so much, but still really pretty! I like the gems you added too. Wow, I really love this polish! I really do. I want it. Really, really bad. (k, I'm gonna go away now so I quit saying really) :P