Sunday, November 6, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 6 Piggy Polish Parting Waves + WnW Cost is No Issue

This polish makes me feel like a mermaid! It is incredibly gorgeous! Upon applying the first coat I was a bit worried because of the sheerness of it and it seemed to be a little streaky. But after 3 layers it is now one of my new favorites! It is very bright and probably better for a day at the beach but I do not care. It is a cheerful color and sometimes you need that in cold weather like this! It is a bright Turquoise with a slight hint of purple in certain lights.
Now Piggy Polish is technically made for painting your toe nails. But I generally stick with reds and pinks on my toes. It's just what I do, I can't explain it lol.

This is one layer of Parting Waves. You can see how sheer it is.

3 layers of Parting Waves.

Isn't it just amazing?!

I then decided to do an accent nail with Wet n Wild's new polish Cost is No Issue from the new Ice baby collection. It looked so pretty and matched the Piggy Polish so well I decided to put it on all my nails!

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  1. so pretty!! I'm so glad i got these!

  2. I need both of these polishes. Holy Shizz!!!


  3. I am SO jealous! I can't find these W&W polish's anywhere! They look so amazing on top of Parting Waves!

  4. Oh wow, I really love your pictures!
    Can I ask which type of camera+setting you are using?
    Am having trouble taking good pictures, and could use a little advice :)

  5. Thanks Frk. Fine. I actually use my phone's camera to take pictures! It is an Incredible 2 from Verizon and it has an 8 mega pixel camera. It isn't the best but I love it and the pictures come out decent. I also use a special led light in my room to take pictures. It really helps bring out colors of polishes and helps with small glitter.

  6. Love this shade...not the glitter - but the Piggy Paint shade...the color change in it is really neat...not totally teal.