Friday, November 25, 2011

EPIC Dusty Hunting haul!

So I have to of course spend my Holiday traveling everywhere so I decided to do a little bit of dusty hunting and spend some time on ME. I hit the jackpot! Now in case you are wondering, yes some of these will be for sale on my sales page. But not all of them. Here are some great pictures I wanted to share. And the weekend is not over. I have ALL day tomorrow to dusty hunt and I am so excited!

Bag O Goodies

 2 Crim-Sun, 2 Blue Moon Lagoon, Movin' Out, and What's Dune?

Blue Moon Lagoon


Tickle My Triangle



 What's Dune?

How About A Tumble

OPI DS Original


Movin' Out

La Boheme

Isn't it amazing what you can find when you put a little Oomph into it?! LOL


  1. awesome haul! You have great skills + luck! I can't wait til I can go out dustying again.

  2. Tickle My Triangle and How About A Tumble <3 <3 Wish I could get my hands on them, I got all of them but these can't find anywhere. :( You lucky girl!

  3. wooooww. you must be the only nail polish lover in your area lol! O_____O

  4. i cant wait to see which ones go on sale!!

  5. Holy holos! I may have to try dusty hunting because I want to find the China Glaze OMG collection. I wasn't into polish when that came out and I am so bummed that they are discontinued. Awesome haul!

  6. wow awesome finds! i wish I could get lucky like this

  7. What does dusty mean?