Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Low Down on Dusty Hunting

Alright lovely readers. A lot of you know me for my dusty hunting skills and many of you have asked me to find you specific items. I also get a lot of questions about HOW to dusty hunt. Well I am going to lay it all out here. I hear a lot of you saying "I just don't think I can do it. I don't want to ask for polish". You aren't asking anyone to do anything wrong. These salon and beauty supply owners WANT YOUR MONEY! So give it to them!

I am going to tell you how I dusty hunt. You don't have to do it like me. Take what you want from what I have to say and develop your own techniques. After a few times doing it you will gain confidence and it will come a lot more easily. 

I first look at listings. I look up nail salons and beauty supply stores in the area I am planning on hunting in. I write down the name of the salon/store, the address, and the phone number. I then call and ask these questions;
"Do you sell nail polish?"
"Which brands do you sell?"
"How much are they?"
and depending on how the conversation is going I sometimes also ask;
"Do you sell the used polishes?"

I usually jot notes onto the sheets I have already made up for these places so I can remember which ones have what. 

I always bring some kind of container to place my polishes in. You want to make sure you have something to keep them together and keep them safe. I also use polish boxes to store mine. They are the little cardboard boxes they have polishes in at salons. 

Once you get to the salon/store you want to enter with a smile. Be nice and let them know you are interested in spending money on nail polish. I always look at the wall/display first. If I find a polish there that I want I hand them the bottle and ask if they have any new ones. If they don't I then ask if I can buy the used one. 

Sometimes salons won't have many polishes in their display case so I always ask if they have any polishes in the back. If they have a bunch of polish on display I ask if I can search through the case. Sometimes they say no but when they say yes it is like polish heaven! I have found a lot of rare gems by digging though display cases. 

Always remember to keep your eyes open. Not every place is listed. I have found a lot of salons out of the blue that had some amazing things!

You might not always have a great experience. I have been told no a million times. Sometimes a salon doesn't sell polish or have very many. Sometimes the worker is rude and acts like you are bothering them. These things happen but I have had a lot more good experiences than I have had bad ones. Don't give up. You will find something amazing eventually!

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  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for sharing this!!!!!


  2. lol You are welcome! I happen to be either very good or very lucky when it comes to Dusty Hunting and I know if people would just get out there they could find some amazing polishes. It drives me crazy thinking of all the amazing polishes just sitting around with no one to love them! Breaks my lacquered heart!