Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Updates and Pretty Polishes!

Hello everyone! As I am sure you can see, my 30 day challenge has failed! I got through more than half the month and then got so busy with my jobs that I haven't had time to complete it. I am sorry! But hey, I got to try out a bunch of polish that I hadn't touched yet! 

Some of you know I opened a shop on Etsy for my frankens. That has kept me really busy plus I DO have other jobs that keep me busy. I wanted to show you all some of the newest frankens that have come out of my lab recently. I hope you like them!

Ornament Smash!

Martian Salad (oldie but a goodie, I changed the formula up a little)

Pyrite's Booty (another oldie, changed the formula a little)


Galax-E (another oldie with a change in formulas)


  1. I just went to your Etsy shop and ordered Martian Salad! Can't wait to receive it. It looks BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Thank you both so much! Crystal, I got your order! I appreciate it. I will be shipping your polish first thing tomorrow!

  3. Whoaaa I really love the first two! And the last one (:

  4. Thanks! Btw, your prize went out in the mail yesterday!

  5. I love my Pyrite's Booty Chels!! It's gorgeous and oh so sparkly!

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