Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wet n Wild Ice Baby Winners!

Good morning lovely readers. So once I counted everyone up I had over 30 entries! And it seems a lot of you lovely people cannot get these Wet n Wild polishes because you do not live in the US! This make me sad. So instead of giving away 1 polish I have chosen 3 random winners!

And the winners AND their winnings ARE..............

The Sneakerette - Cost is no Issue
Michelle - It's All in the Cut
Sam Urbach - Back Alley Deals

Congrats to all three winners!
Please contact me ASAP and I will get your winnings shipped to you immediately!


  1. Ommgg!! i wonn! thanks so much:)

  2. zomgz awesome! my first time winning a giveaway :D

  3. That's so cool of you to have extra winners!!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say how cool you are for doing that!

    It IS sad that others outside the US can't get them! I guess I take it for granted, and I will try to be more aware of how lucky we are! :)