Saturday, December 17, 2011

Awesome Essence Polishes!

I recently did a swap/sale with a lovely International woman and she not only sent me three polishes I was yearning for but she also sent me a couple of extras that I wanted! I could not help it, I immediately took my recent mani off and started playing with them! This is all the nail mail and a couple of things I was given by a woman at a nail salon.

The nail art wheel is something  got from for free except the price of postage! And I love the little bits of charming art!
Next to that is a bottle of tuberose cuticle oil that a very sunshiny lady at a salon gave me because I purchased so many bottles from her.
Then you see Essence nail twins in Bella and Edward! Oh gosh aren't they lovely?! I feel so full of joy because I have these!
Next is Essence BLUE ADDICTED! Yes, the DL Dupe! It is soooo gorgeous!
She surprised me with a Essence Vampire polish in Undead? It is soo pretty and such a wonderful surprise. I was also given Essence Pool Party from this lovely young lady but I see that it is missing from the picture. I have a feeling my "In love with blue like you" daughter might have made off with it!
Last polish pictured is OPI Yodel Me On My Cell, it isn't anything special but I like it and my other bottle has gone missing. The lady at the salon gave this and the cuticle oil to me for free for buying up so many polishes. She even gave me a little magnet calendar for my fridge lol

Ok and now onto some amazingly fun and pretty nails! I was so excited that I did my left hand in all Blue Addicted except my ring finger which I used Bella and Edward on and the opposite on my right hand. I also used a little piece of new nail art. It is so CUTE!
This is a shot of Bella without Edward. OMG she is beautiful! Me and my teals lol
 Bella with Edward
 The finished product. I could have used one more layer of Blue Addicted but it was getting a little chunky. I am in love with this mani though. I don't know when I will take it off. I might add something to it. It's just so pretty and now that I have killed some huge lemmings of mine I feel really full and satisfied for now lol.
Isn't that little heart so cute?! You guys know how horrible i am with nail art so please make yourselves comfortable with the idea of me using these new things all the time! It will make me feel better about my inabilities!


  1. Nice! The heart looks super cute!!!

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