Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pretty and Polished Sparkle Tattoo Collection!

This will be available the first of January on my etsy page in full size and mini bottles!
I hope you all like what you see! If you don't know already, I was a respected member
of the body art community for years and have collected a lot of art in the form of tattoos.
So this collection is in honor of that part of my life. I left my career as a body modification 
artist behind to start a family. I miss it but I am so thankful for what I have now and 
the experiences and memories that will always be with me.

Sparkle Tattoo!
 From left to right: Sparrow (blue), Inked (purple), New Breed (red), Cherry Bomb (pink), and Old Skool (silver).

Sparrow is a chunky blue glitter polish in a very lightly tinted blue base. It has large blue hexagon glitter as well as light blue and dark blue bar glitter.

Inked is a chunky purple glitter in a lightly tinted purple based polish. It has large purple hexagon glitter as well as purple, pink, and blue bar glitter. 

New Breed is a chunky red glitter in a lightly tinted red based polish. It has large red hexagon glitter as well as red and charcoal colored bar glitter. 

Cherry Bomb is a chunky pink glitter in a lightly tinted pink based polish. It has large light and bright pink hexagon glitter as well as light pink, bright pink, and red bar glitter. 

Old Skool is a chunky silver glitter polish. It has large silver hexagon glitter that reflects holographic colors. It also has silver bar glitter with the same effect. It is all thrown together in a clear polish with holographic micro glitter.

This is all the polishes kind of just plopped onto a white surface so you can see the tint.

Two layers of each polish.

And a picture after kind of filling in any areas I didn't feel had enough glitter lol

So what do you think?
I'd love to get your feedback!

In case you didn't know I do have a facebook page for my shop/frankens. Feel free to join me there and leave me feedback or request whatever you like. Thanks!


  1. so gorgeous!! the blue, purple, and red are calling my name haha. can't wait to make an order:]

  2. So pretty, will you be shipping internationally?

  3. Oohh ! i want them :)

  4. I love these! They are really cute alone - esp when they happen to line up with a micro bar and a dot. They look like little lollipops then!