Saturday, December 31, 2011

Some amazing reviews about Pretty & Polished!

I haven't been feeling very well lately and coupled with my hectic life/work schedule I feel like the walking dead. Luckily today is the first day in a stretch that I have started to feel myself again. I wanted to take a minute to shine a spot light on a couple of blogs that have recently done reviews of my "franken" polishes that I sell at my etsy store. I am so thankful for the many fans and customers and I have so much love for my fellow bloggers. Thank you all so much for sharing something so special to me with the world. I have so much respect for you. 

First we have Miss Amy from I'm Feeling Nail-Venturous! This wonderful woman has done a few reviews of my polishes. She is a dear friend to me and she can make any of my polishes look beautiful! I urge you to take a look at her blog and you will see that she could make a chunky brown polish look fabulous!

Amy's reviews for Pretty & Polished:

Xmas Wreath!
3 Golden Rules!
Sparkle Tattoo Collection!

I have also been featured on one of my favorite blogs recently! I adore this woman's style and beauty! Carli is so creative when it comes to the art of the vintage pinup. I am quite jealous of her amazing ability to be so creative and artistic with this genre.

Carli's review for Pretty & Polished:
Labor of Love and Lost Sister!

The beautiful Sarah from Chalkboard Nails did the very first review for Pretty & Polished. Sarah also has GORGEOUS nails and she is also a dear friend. She did a review of one of my most popular polishes, Midnight Rider! Midnight Rider will be available again on my etsy page sometime in the next few weeks!

Sarah's review for Pretty & Polished:
Midnight Rider, Melodramatic, and Galax-E!

Diaries is a Sephoraphobe was a blog I came across recently. She bought two polishes from my etsy store and did a wonderful review on them. She is not only new to the blogging scene but also to the wonderful world of GIRLY things. Please show her some love and check her blog out!

Allie-bee's review for Pretty & Polished:
Labor of Love and Martian Salad!

I hope you guys have checked all these wonderful blogs out and enjoyed their reviews and all the other wonderful things they have to offer. Hope you all have an incredible New Years Eve! I will be posting a NYE mani later <3

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