Friday, December 9, 2011

Some new frankens!

I recently got a ton of new materials to franken with and my bottles FINALLY came in so I spent half the day playing with all of it and here are a few frankens I came up with. I'd love to hear what you think!

This is Party Girl.
This is a sheer pink polish with multi-colored sprinkle glitter in several shades of pink as well as purple and blue. Shown here by itself on my index and ring finger and over purple on my middle finger and black on my pinky. Two layers on each nail.

This is Monster Mash.
This is a sheer jelly polish with a green tint. It has lots of small hexagon shaped black glitter and from small to large pieces of green hexagon glitter. Seen here by itself on my index and pinky fingers and over blue and purple on my middle and ring fingers. Two layers on each nail of Monster Mash.

And this is Blue Lagoon.
A blue jelly based polish with two different shades of blue flakes as well as one shade of white flakes. Seen here alone on my index and ring fingers and then over blue on my middle finger and over black on my pinky finger. Two layers on each nail. 

So what are your thoughts? Good/ Should I go back to the drawing board so to speak on any of them? Thanks everyone!


  1. I'm not a hairy/chunky glitter person, but I'm liking the blue flakes!!

  2. Am always so impressed by people who franken! Just found your blog- am a new follower!

  3. I love 'em Chels!! I am a fan of "bar" glitter, so Party Girl is right up my alley. I am pissed because I bought the set of Zoya holiday glitters (that have the bars) last week, right before we they are in a truck somewhere, packed away, in the middle of the country enroute to NJ! Suspense!!!!!