Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Today's Dusty Hunting Adventure!

I was hoping to find a bottle or two of OMG but I ended up finding a ton of Kaleidoscopes instead! I have these so up for sale they go!


  1. Lady!!! You always get the best stuff!!!


  2. Darn, I missed seeing this 'cause of being major down to bed post last treatment - I soooo need to nab a Kaleidoscope 'Tumble.' Hopefully you keep finding them and I can catch it next time. When I get home finally, I think I have 2 LOL's and see that is on your wishlist. Maybe we can do a trade for a 'Tumble' and a LOL down the road. Really planning on being home next week. Been gone since first of Nov. Time to see how bad the house plants faired (or not).

  3. OMG!! Do you still have any of these polishes?! I would love to buy a few.