Sunday, December 11, 2011

Today's Haul

(First Picture) I stopped at ONE salon today and found ALL these gems!
(Second Picture + more) I got these little beauties for $4.99 at Marshalls! 
Here you see L8R G8R, Tickle My Triangle, Don't Be A Square, Kaleidoscope Him Out, Spin Me Round and It's My Turn.

In this photo you see Spark My Mistletoe, Stuck in the Chimney, and Kiss Me at Midnight.


  1. It's absolutely great to see that Kaleidoscopes are still around. :)

  2. I'm always so jealous when people find China Glaze Kaleidoscope and OMG collection polishes. It seems more and more bloggers are finding them. I know one thing, they aren't in my town or any location within an hour and a half of me in either direction (which is usually as far as I go when I do my monthly nail polish hunt, lol).

    Great haul! Lucky gal!