Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the Balm Hot Ticket

A little over a month ago I found this little gem at a TJ Maxx by my mothers home. It was on sale for $13. 5 polishes for $13 is a pretty good deal IMO. Especially since this retails for $50. I wouldn't have paid that price for it. The polishes in this little box set are actually quite nice. I like the formula and the colors, though not incredibly inventive, are really pretty. I think the hot curvy pin-up chick on the bottles is what REALLY sold me on these. I took some photos of each one to share with you. I am going to go in order of which ones I liked the most to the ones I liked the least, but I didn't DISLIKE any of them.

Counterfeit: A creamy jade green.

Goldfinger: A gorgeous Shimmering true gold.

Dodged a Bullet: A shimmery grey with tons of tiny blue and purple micro glitter sparkles.

Better Off Red: A gorgeous creamy true red. Very similar to Orly Monroe Red minus the sparkle.

And lastly, Disco Ball: A silver glitter polish in a clear base. (These pictures taken with two layers. It has enough glitter so that you can get full coverage in about 4 applications.)


  1. Oooh, I LOVE the gold, reminds me of CG Midnight Kiss!

  2. These look great!! Haven't seen this brand before.