Thursday, January 5, 2012

China Glaze For Audrey and Pure Ice Heart Breaker

Today I got a really special surprise. The beautiful Sarah from Chalkboard Nails sent me an amazing surprise package that arrived today! It was such a sweet thing for her to do. I already love her to pieces so this was icing on a cute little cupcake. I just had to throw these polishes on and take them for a test drive. She sent me three polishes. Pure Ice Heart Breaker and Busted and Sally Hansen Save the Date. Pure Ice Heart Breaker is one that I have been down right LUSTING after. How did she know?!

Anyways, look forward to seeing some amazing layering projects with Heart Breaker. It is amazing. 
I did two coats of China Glaze For Audrey and one coat of Pure Ice Heart Breaker. Then on my other hand I did one layer of Sally Hansen Save the Date and one layer of Pure Ice Busted. Gorgeous combinations and amazing polishes. Thank you Sarah!


  1. <3 <3 love these, they look beautiful!

  2. I really need to start using that Pure Ice over more stuff! they look great :D

  3. So cute! And so sweet of her to do that!

  4. I want that busted! I have heartbreaker!