Thursday, January 19, 2012

China Glaze Sexagon vs Milani HD

Both of these polishes are silver holographic polishes and are Scattered holos rather than linear holos. I actually found Milani HD recently at a random CVS that I decided to stop and shop at. I was SO excited when I found it too. I already had the blue and green holo polishes from the Milani holo collection and now I have the silver, pink, and purple too! Sexagon and HD are gorgeous polishes. Sexagon is a bit more holographic than HD. HD goes on a little more sheer than Sexagon and is a bit chunkier too. Sexagon dries a lot quicker too. See if you can tell a difference. 

Milani was applied to my thumb, middle, and pinky fingers. Sexagon is on my index and ring finger. Both were applied in two coats.


  1. Close, but Sexagon still wins in my book!! Thanks for the comparison! :)

  2. They are close, but I can see the difference and much prefer the China Glaze. It's got a lot more pizazz!