Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 2 Giveaway Winner and Day 3 Giveaway prizes announced!

Congrats to Stacy Plowman-Pennock! You are today's winner for giveaway day 2 prizes! Just a reminder of what the prize is: 3 Hard Candy Mini Polishes and a Hard Candy lip gloss ring. You have been contacted! Thank you everyone for entering. 

Just a re-cap of what is going on...

You must enter each giveaway (day by day) that you are interested in winning. Winners will be chosen AT RANDOM everyday! So no waiting weeks to hear if you have won. Once a winner has been announced for a prize, entries will start counting for the NEXT prize posted!

A weeks worth of giveaways for my followers! I recently went over 300 followers and
I wanted to do something fun to show you my appreciation. So I have come up with 
7 mini giveaways that I will be posting all week. You can enter as many of them as you want. 
It is open to ALL followers!

Ready to see day three prizes?!

Two OPI polishes from recent collections. These two polishes were my favorites from the Muppets Collection and the newest Nicki Minaj Collection! Say hello to Pepe's Purple Passion and Metallic 4 Life!

Good luck to you all and I hope I will get a lot of entries! 
Look forward to a giveaway everyday til Saturday!