Sunday, January 8, 2012

Follower Appreciation Giveaway!

EDIT: You must enter each giveaway (day by day) that you are interested in winning. Winners will be chosen AT RANDOM everyday! So no waiting weeks to hear if you have won. Once a winner has been announced for a prize entries will start counting for the NEXT prize posted!

A weeks worth of giveaways for my followers! I recently went over 300 followers and
I wanted to do something fun to show you my appreciation. So I have come up with 
7 mini giveaways that I will be posting all week. You can enter as many of them as you want. 
It is open to ALL followers! 

Want to see what I am giving away?

Now for today's Giveaway we have A Ms. Pedicure Pedi set, Ms. Manicure mini file set, and Wet n Wild Diamond in the Rough polish from the recent Ice baby Collection. 

Good luck to you all and I hope I will get a lot of entries! 
Look forward to a giveaway everyday til Saturday!

This prize has been one. Please see the other giveaway posts for the other days prizes. Thanks!


  1. congrats on the followers you are so sweet for doing so many giveaways :) x

  2. i have to know what the blk and wht ones next to eachother are!!

  3. i've got that polish so i won't enter today but i am excited for the other days!!!

  4. I can see Kaleidoscopes! Ö Will def wait for them, that's the ones I want the most. :$ Thanks for doing so many awesome giveaways! :)

  5. you are the sweetest Chels!!!!