Monday, January 2, 2012

Nicki Minaj by OPI PInk Friday and Did It On Em + Color Club Wish Upon A Rockstar

I wanted to show you all two more of my lovely Nicki Minaj polishes today. (Susan this is for you!) These colors are really nice. Pink Friday is what I wanted Color Club Vintage Couture to be. It is a lovely milky creme base but a nice popping pink color. It is exactly like Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday lipstick by MAC. Did It On Em reminds me of the OPI color Who the Shrek Are You except Did It On Em has more Yellow to it. I am going through a phase of wanting to always wear glitter so I looked through my stash and picked Color Club Wish Upon a Rockstar from the Backstage Pass collection because it is gorgeous, It is brand new to my stash (someone sent me the WHOLE collection as a surprise and I STILL don't know who, blog post about that soon), AND it goes with these colors perfectly. After wearing these colors all day I decided I like Pink Friday a lot but Did It On Em just doesn't work with my skintone. The whole collection would look fabulous on someone with darker skin than me. But with my very white, even pale, skin Did It On Em just washes me out completely. 
Anyways, here are some pictures. 
I started with Orly Nail Armor then did two layers of each polish before adding a coat of Seche Vite as a barrier between the glitter. Then I only did one layer of Wish Upon a Rockstar and then decided to mattify the whole thing. I liked it mattified more than glossy. 

Pink Friday and Did It On Em

Pink Friday, Did It On Em, and Wish Upon a Rockstar before applying a matte top coat. 

After matte top coat


  1. which matte top coat did you use?

  2. Those shades look great against your skintone..

  3. I feel like this collection washes out us pale people too!!

  4. You are right...I love the pink in this collection. I saw a comparison today from PV's blog - she compared it to Zoya Kennedy. The OPI is more pink - less chalky white that Kennedy has and I could see that - something that I am not fond of in my pales/pastels to have any chalky white there - I need the color even if it's pastel. Might have to get a new light pink - been a super long time since I got a light pink. For Candance above, maybe my comment is of help. Watch out for the white chalky or just dead not your pale shades (like me in pale greens/yellows - I look ill! I hope you find out who sent you the collection C! But sometimes these are just meant to be mystery gifts of appreciation. Look for my note C on how I will start a C list regarding the wishlist.

  5. I really like the colour, but its little streaky on my nails: