Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pretty and Polished - Forgery

My plan was to post about a polish from Hits tonight but I couldn't help this insatiable need to share a new polish with you. I have been working on a matte top coat and I finally came up with one that I adore! This my dear friends, is Forgery!
In these pictures you see it over a purely black base. It has color shifting green to purple glitter in it. There are also hints of gold flecks too. It is pure awesomeness!
It was a bit hard to capture the color shifting power of this. But believe me, it is there! 

EDIT: the fact that I could not get a good picture of the color changing abilities of this polish drove me crazy. So I took pictures in every room of my house until I got a good one! Here it is!

So I have to know... what do you think?!
I personally LOVE matte anything ESPECIALLY matte "effects" top coats. I think I have a slight addiction to matte polish!


  1. OMG. Ok, can I come and live with you, please? I can be your housekeeper or something and you can just pay me in polish. I LOVE this. Each new polish you create is better than the last, and that's amazing because your polishes are all great!! You're improving on perfection!!

  2. Wow, that looks so awesome. I'm not really into matte but lately I've been liking mattefied glitter and stuff like that, so this is right up my alley :D


  4. awesomesauce! the matte top coat can also give the polish a more subtle and sophisticated effect

  5. Okay... I'm a little late to the game here obviously... =D I just yesterday bought a bottle of forgery, and when I saw it I thought it was brand new!! =) But I have a feeling I've just never made it to the Etsy shop fast enough to see many of the colors before they sell out! But I made it this time, woo hoo!!!

    I had a quick question though about this, and I've already purchased it, so I'm happy with it either way! But I was wondering if it's a "matte top coat" mainly because the Glitter in it is matte? Or because it will matte-ify whatever you put it over AND add glitter? Like if I have a shimmery polish on that's... bright blue ~ will it make the blue underneath matte, and then throw in color changing glitter on top?!? That would be AMAZING!!!! But even a top coat of color-changing matte glitter is pretty awesome. =) Just thought I would ask since I'm super curious, hopefully you actually check old comments though... Ha! I know you're super busy too, so no worries if you find this forever from now. I guess I'll figure it out eventually when I get it in person! I'm SO excited for my order!!! YAY!!!! =)

    1. It IS a matte top coat WITH color changing glitter! It's super awesome lol

  6. Aw Yeah! =) Sweet! This is gonna be awesome! Thanks for letting me know! =)