Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patty's Pink and Greens

Last night I finally decided to take some time to myself and paint my nails even though I know they will get ruined quickly with all of my polish making. I have been really drawn to pinks lately, don't ask me why! I chose China Glaze Dance Baby and on top I added Milani Digital which is one of the Milani HD polishes that looks like a scattered glittery holo. Both very pretty together. This morning I realized it was St. Patty's day and felt like I needed a little green on my nails. At first I tried stamping and it was a complete fail so I went with one of my new polishes, Hustle. This polish has a slightly green to gold shimmer tinted base with lots of Green glitters in different sizes and shades, silver glitter, copper glitter, and some white bar glitter. I actually am very pleased with how this mani turned out. 

So there you have it. Simple and pretty. 
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


  1. Original and looks great! Also something if you still need to wear it for a couple days after you won't feel so like left over party polish! I have a thing for not liking to wear St. Patty's or Halloween polish jobs the day after - it's just gotta go. I wore some fun St. Patty's day jobs this week - but last night I went for a Patty's toe as it's cool and only I will be seeing them = it's raining and will be in boots if I got out now at all tonight. But my nails I changed last night to something I can wear for a # of days that does not scream Patty's but is green - Revlon Colorstay (new 11 day formula) in Bonsai! Great shade. Loving it.

  2. This is so gorgeous!! I just love the combo!

  3. wow those are amazing! The colours together look great. This is totally off topic but I found your livejournal sale from agesssss ago and I was wondering if the mac depots were still available. Thanks, my email is